Professional Services for Small & Medium Businesses

 Quality Computers offers Professional Services for a multitude of items that our customers may not have the staff, knowledge or time to otherwise work on. Allow us to provide your business with a regularly scheduled and budgeted time per month to work on issues such as those seen below. A typical service we provide is our monthly maintenance packages allowing us to schedule a regular 8 hours per month to work on your maintenance items and things that have popped up over the last month. 

Professional Services

Backup Verification

Backup Verification can be completed on a regular basis to be sure that your backups are there when you will need them.

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Windows Updates

Windows Updates are getting more complicated as technology continues to grow. Systems should be updated or upgraded on a regular basis for security of not only your business but your customers as well!

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System Updates

Every business uses multiple forms of software that will need to be updated periodically to securely conduct day to day operations. 

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Support is available for Small and Medium businesses that can be overwhelmed at times with the IT workload that piles up. 

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System Clean Up

Your computers will accumulate files over a period of time that will lead to systems running slow and effect productivity.

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Misc Needs

Our customers purchase blacks of hours each month in advance to schedule regular maintenance and things that pop up. This allows for a steady budget and keeping up with It needs.

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