Hardware Needs for the SMB Community

Every business will need to purchase items such as wireless equipment, laptops, tablets and desktop computers. Reach out to us so we can help you choose the right equipment for your business based on your needs.

Hardware Equipment

Wireless Equipment

Wireless ability is critical not only for your employees but for your customers. Customers expect to have some type of wireless connectivity in every place of business where there is a waiting room or lobby.

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Desktop Computers

Desktops are the staple of the workplace computers. Desktop units come in lightweight, lesser power and small factor units up to the heavier bulkier yet powerful units needed for webdesign and other graphical needs. Contact us to help find the right unit for your business' needs.

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Laptops are slowly replacing the desktop unit in the workplace to increasing power and mobility. Laptops withc docking stations and used with multi monitors not only allow you a bigger, more powerful option but the ability to take it on the go to meetings or home.

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Tablets have become a great device for mobility and productivity in the workplace. Some tablets are compatible with certain software or printing capabilities.

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Network Equipment

Network equipment can be overly technical based on speeds, throughput, POE needs and protocols. We can help you purchase your next switch, firewall, access point or wireless controller based on your budget and needs.

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Hardware FAQ

Purchasing the wrong equipment can be an expensive lesson. Contact us to help you choose the right equipment based on your business' needs.

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