Computer Repair

Quality Computers can help upgrade your current system, remove viruses or help in getting you connected with a new laptop or computer. We can custom build the high end computer of your dreams!

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Computer Repair Services

Virus Removal

Let's face it, there's bad guys out there that are constantly working on new (and sometimes clever) ways to infect our computer systems, steal our data or commit fraud in some way. Contact us to help not only clean up your system but look at ways to prevent it in the future. 

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Hard Drive Repair

Quality Computers can upgrade your computer with a new bigger hard drive and transfer the data over from your old drive saving you time and money of buying a new computer.

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Memory Upgrade

Quality Computers can help in getting the memory upgrade for your current computer saving you time and money.

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General Clean Up

Computers will accumulate files over time that will slow systems down. You could purchase special software, waste time reading the do's and don'ts and risk loosing valuable data or just call us to help. 

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Computer Repair FAQ

Below are some things to consider:

  • Do you need a new computer or just repair your old one?
  • Can you save the data from the old one?
  • Do you have an existing backup to get the data from?
  • Did your virus infect others? Is your data safe?