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Security Assessment

Security breaches have become increasingly popular. Customers expect their data to be secure and will loose trust in businesses during a breach. Businesses not only loose trust but the bad publicity by potential customers becomes a concern. Allow us to help you determine your security risks.

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Network Assessment

Networks are complicated. Each device and system interface has its flaws and vulnerabilities that must be updated regularly from the firewall, wireless connectivity, servers and the switches that connect them all. 

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Assessment FAQ

Here are some thoughts:

  • Who updates your servers and how often is it done?
  • Who updates your switches with the latest stable code on a regular basis?
  • Do you update all of your client workstations, servers, switches, firewall and other critical devices ona regular basis?
  • Are you compliant in regards to PCI, PHI, PII, HIPPA compliance?
  • What are the penalties of being non-compliant?